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Know Before You Put In A Offer!


We provide soil percolation testing, soils analysis, and down hole logging to potential property buyers, developers, engineers, homeowners, and real estate professionals. Many undeveloped parcels in Los Gatos lack current soil percolation testing and/or soils analysis which can make purchasing the property a crap shoot. At a realitvely minimal cost we can answer the unknowns about the costs involved in developing your prospective property.

Our soil percolation testing services enable our clients to determine if a property has soil conducive to a septic system installation. Further, a current soil percolation test will give you a good indication of the type of system, conventional or advanced treatment > and the associated installation costs that will be required to develop the property. Some soil conditions found in Malibu can drastically increase the development costs of a property, some to the point that for most buyers is should be passed. Knowing if a site percolates well or not beforehand can save big money on both system design and installation. For hillside properties further efficiencies can be realized by downhole logging all the test holes to be used for site improvement, grading, and foundation design and planning.

A soil percolation 'Perc' test is performed to establish the development viability of a property in regards to it's ability to properly treat wastewater before it reenters the water table. Some sites are much more conducive for septic system than others. In fact, many sites have very poor soil characteristics and may not allow for a conventional system to be installed at all. Conditions such as high groundwater and low percolation rates can pose problems for the site's onsite wastewater treatment system design. Percolation testing may consist of test boring, subsurface exploration, field testing, surface reconnaissance, and soils analysis to determine the percolation rate.

Percolation testing for a seepage pit typically consists of 2 foot diameter drilled test holes which are tested to determine whether they function hydraulically to provide service as a dispersal field. Test holes are presoaked to the point of full soil saturation. The test holes are then filled to a measured height each hour with the water level drop being recorded.

The test results are then used to extrapolate out the proper size dispersal field for an onsite wastewater treatment system. Generally speaking, the slower the percolation rate is the larger the dispersal field (seepage pits or leach lines) will need to be. Additionally, the more proposed bedrooms a project has the larger both the tank and system will be. Minimum tank sizes are 1,500 Gallons but range to 3,000 or more, depending on the anticipated flow.

The majority of the systems we install are for residential projects. Our experience allows us to accommodate our clients' building program by providing state of the art technology. Our installations are engineered both to maximize land use and provide as effective and efficient a system as possible. If your building site has poor soil percolation results, high groundwater, or setback issues we can likely design a system that meets your requirements.

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