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We offer onsite wastewater treatment solutions for property owners in the greater San Francisco Bay area. From soil percolation testing to septic system design and installation we excel at all phases of wastewater treatment. Our staff is familiar with local septic system planning and permitting procedures and requirements which means we can put your project on the fast track and avoid costly redesign due to unforeseen requirements.

We provide soil percolation testing, geology reports, soils analysis, and down hole logging for homeowners, potential property buyers, developers, engineers, and real estate professionals. As many undeveloped parcels lack current soil percolation test results and/or soils analysis, purchasing certain properties can be a crap shoot. At a realitvely minimal cost we can answer the unknowns about the costs involved in developing your prospective property, before you put your offer in. Call us for further information on our soil percolation testing and soils testing services.

Coastal Septic is a manufacturer approved installer of all advanced on site wastewater treatment systems used locally including MicroSepTec ES Series systems and AdvanTex AX Series Systems. We are also manufacturer trained and approved operations and maintenance providers for MicroSepTec and AdvanTex advanced treatment systems. We offer septic system maintenance and operations programs from biannual to weekly inspection of system components to ensure your advanced treatment system is operating as designed, at all times.

Our manufacturer trained and certified septic system operations and maintenance programs generally include telemetry monitoring of the system components via a dedicated telephone line which allows us full control to the system at all times. Contact us to discuss more about the best monitoring program for your system.

  • Manufacturer Certified Septic System Installation
  • Off site system monitoring via state of the art telemetry
    monitoring equipment installed with system
  • Required Groundwater Sampling and Reporting
  • 24 Hour Emergency Septic Service


  • MicroSepTec Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
    ES Series, ES-6, ES-12, ES-25
  • MicroSepTec has built it's reputation on being the solution for many difficult building sites California.
  • Orenco Advanced OWTS | AdvanTex AX20, AX20-RT


  • MicroSepTec Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • MicroSepTec ES Series - MicroSepTec has built it's reputation on being the solution for many difficult building sites throughout California.
  • Orenco Advanced OWTS | AdvanTex AX20, AX20-RT
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